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All the leaves are brown……. October 1, 2009

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So not really. Not yet anyway. But we are well on our way. It’s a tad chilly out for the first of October, but beats the hell out of the heat!

Everyone seems to be in the mood, the spirit, for and of Fall. Like we’re all itching to get out our scarves and boots. Funny though that within a couple of months many of us will be complaining about the bitter cold and wishing for summer. Grass is always greener.

This will be quick as I only have a minute. School is going well; staying very busy with teaching, researching, etc. My mind though tends to wander to poor Sophia and Stephen. No answers yet as to his whereabouts or even IF he’s technically missing. It is the strangest thing.

Well, here comes my appointment through the door.


Playing ketchup September 22, 2009

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Boy this term has started with a BANG. Busy at school right out of the gate, meetings on top of meetings, dealing with Sam and his “dramas” (aka his love life ), which are nothing compared to Sophia’s! AND I picked up a shift at the bar over the weekend; last minute thing that put an end to one of my quiet nights at home, but on the other hand, got me out of the house and around people that were talking about something other than research.

And I realize I sound like I have no life.

Dags is still alive and swimming. We think he wants a girlfriend, but wonder if he’s really ready for the responsibility. Maybe one of us will make it to the store soon to choose him a nice, pretty lady with a big pucker.

Mmmm…so that covers school/work, roommate, pet, partial social life. What else? Running. I’ve not done it daily, but have managed to squeeze in one here and  there. Mark likes to run so that’s something we can do together, time permitting. We’re still hanging out when we can; it’s complicated although not in a negative way.

One of these days, when I have some of that so called “free time” maybe I’ll upload some pictures. Making no promises, mind you.

Ketchup. French fries. Know what I’ll be having for supper tonight. Maybe I’ll be able to convince Sophia to join me and we can talk over things. Try to figure out what in the world is going on.


What….? September 16, 2009

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I had lunch with Sophia today and she’s a little concerned about Stephen. He left quickly and unexpectedly over two weeks ago and has not contacted her AT ALL. Admittedly, I’ve been a little flippant about it, attributing it to his usual behavior while doing research in that he frequently goes off grid during marathon sessions. Somehow, though, this time it’s different. It doesn’t ‘feel’ right.

Add to that the receipt from Alabama that Sophia found. Stephen took a trip to Tuscaloosa, Alabama, stayed in a hotel and never told Sophia about it. It’s all so strange and secretive, not like their relationship in the least.

After seeing Sophia and finding out about the receipt, I’m now nervous and very skeptical. Maybe it’s just an overactive imagination, but I think there’s something very peculiar going on here. The question is, what?


First Days September 10, 2009

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Another first day down. All in all, it was a pretty good day. It’s not unusual for the first few days of the term to be a little hectic as everyone tries to settle in and get accustomed to a new schedule. Plus, for me anyway, the routine of the daily grind is a welcome change from my, ahem, interesting summer as a bartender.The lure of the tip jar may sway me back to tending bar every now and again, but for now, it’s on to more intelligent pursuits.

Speaking of, have to get to class. Another day of molding young minds and expanding my own.


Pizza & Newbies September 2, 2009

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Fall term is about to be in full swing. I’ve been helping with grad student orientation, which is always fun, and have met some really nice people. There’s a great crop of newbies this year!

Had lunch with Sophia today at Bertucci’s………….yummy. She’s on her own for a couple of weeks while Stephen’s off doing some research. Hoping we can have more quality “chick” time while he’s away.

Mark and I have tentative plans for the weekend; he has friends that may or may not be in town so we are waiting to see what their plans are before finalizing ours. Even if we don’t get to do anything, that will be okay. It’s the last weekend before classes start back so it wouldn’t bother me a bit to do absolutely nothing! It may be my last chance for a while.


Syllabi August 11, 2009

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Syllabus. Nasty word, that. Attempting to revamp mine for fall term so I can get it turned in for approval. Knowing it will make my life easier once it’s done isn’t actually making me feel better. Trudging on.

Not a lot happening in the world of Cari. Obviously prepping for fall, still researching, running when I can get my lazy butt in gear and working a couple of nights a week at the bar.So I’m wrong, that IS a lot!!

I am very proud of myself for getting a jump start on the fall. Dr. D has encouraged me to make up any quizzes and tests for at least the first half of the term. I know he’s right; more work now will save me time in the future. We’re meeting tomorrow to go over a few things and get his input.

Despite everything, I am looking forward to the start of the term. My fellow students are trickling back into town and we’ll be having our Pre-Fall gathering soon. That’s always a lot of fun.

Back to that syllabus. Hmmmm. I think I need to add another quiz!


Exercise….yuck August 1, 2009

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I have apparently lost my mind. Something possessed me to go running this morning. As it’s been a while since I’ve ran, well, it kicked my butt! But it did feel great for a little while. Mark may go with me tomorrow morning; we both need the push and encouragement of another person.

Today is cleaning day. Sam has promised to help me clean the apartment. It’s the home stretch before fall begins and then we’ll both be so busy with our lives that the apartment will pay for it. So we’re doing our (very late) spring cleaning and then celebrating with pizza, beer and a DVD. It’s his turn to pick the movie so I am sure it will be interesting to say the least.

Time to dive in. Wish me luck.